How to stay safe on the subway

As the busiest transit system in North America, the New York City subway system is an economical way to get around the city. Overall, riding the subway is safe and convenient. There are some commonsense precautions; however, that can increase your security on your commute.

Avoid poorly lit areas

There are two reasons to avoid poorly-lit areas in the subway system: In an area with little light, you risk misstepping on stairs or not seeing an unevenness of a walkway. Poorly lit areas are also likely places for someone to hide that wishes to do you harm.

Do not fall asleep

Many of the thefts that happen on the subway have a sleeping person as the victim of the crime. Another way to avoid theft is to keep your wallet in a front pocket or zipped up in an inside coat pocket.

Stay back

It is essential to your safety to stand back from the platform’s edge, well behind the yellow line. There are instances where persons waiting for a train too close to the platform edge have fallen onto the tracks due to unforeseeable circumstances. Likewise, do not attempt to retrieve a belonging that fell onto the track. No matter how valuable it is, it is not worth your life.

Watch out for wet walkways

Subway stations can have walking surfaces that are wet for many reasons. Either rain or melted snow gets tracked into the platform area, or unaddressed spills get forgotten and threaten passenger’s walking stability. When getting around subway stations, keep an eye out for possible hazards where you step.

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