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Defending Your Rights After Personal Injury

After an injury, you feel pain and suffering from loss and most likely anger at someone else's lack of care and discouragement from being disrespected by insurance companies or employers. These are just a few of the feelings that our clients have when they seek our help after a personal injury.

Shulman & Hill's reputation is built on our commitment to seek your best interests and a positive case result. After suffering a personal injury, our experienced lawyers are your best defense for your rights.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

After a car crash, you probably are injured, suffering the loss of income and dealing with property damage all at the same time. Whether you were on the clock at work or on your personal time when your accident happened, you deserve compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages and recovery.

Premises Liability

Have you been a victim of someone's neglect to keep their property safe? You have if you ever tripped and fell because of a parking lot pothole or slipped and fell on a store's unmarked wet floor. Often, accidents that seem minor actually cause major injuries. Our lawyers can answer your questions about initiating a personal injury case.

Personal Injury And Workers' Compensation

At Shulman & Hill, we are seasoned attorneys with extensive experience in both personal injury and workers' compensation. Because of this, we have a unique approach to case strategy that allows us to take the big picture into account.

For example, accidents at a construction site are at the intersection of personal injury and workers' compensation. We can pursue both workers' compensation benefits and a personal injury lawsuit at the same time, coordinating our efforts to seek the most favorable conclusion to both cases.

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It is best to seek legal representation as soon as possible after your injury so that you have a chance at the best results for your case. Call the law firm of Shulman & Hill at 718-852-4700 or contact us online. We offer a free consultation and do not charge a fee unless we win your case.