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There are always construction projects happening in New York City. Unfortunately, that means that people are getting injured on job sites for a variety of reasons.

At Shulman & Hill, we understand that a construction accident can cause you to miss time from work, sometimes permanently. This creates a significant hardship for you and your family. You have a right to compensation and medical treatment for injuries sustained on job sites, and our experienced attorneys are here to help.

Unsafe working conditions, lack of safety training, malfunctioning equipment, and other people’s errors are just a few of the reasons why accidents can happen on a job site. Below are some common construction accidents.


Due to a variety of reasons, falls are a major source of accidents on construction sites. The failure of items such as safety equipment, scaffolding, machinery and building materials all contribute to tragic falls. In some cases, falls have occurred because there were no safety harnesses at the job site that would have prevented an accident. Our skilled workers’ compensation and personal injury attorneys dedicate themselves to seeking justice for injured workers and their families in these cases.

Blunt-Force Impacts

Injuries from hard blows can happen due to falling debris, malfunctioning cranes or hoists, dropped tools, and motor vehicle accidents. These injuries are often devastating, causing severe injury or death.

Crushing and Lacerations

Trench collapse and falls into poorly protected trenches may occur if dangerous site conditions are allowed to exist. Construction work becomes more hazardous than usual when excavation equipment malfunctions, putting workers at risk.

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