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Cass Luskin

Cass Luskin

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Charles "Cass" Luskin graduated from Harvard Law School in 2015. Prior to law school, he was a defense investigator in Washington D.C. After graduating, he worked in Louisiana and Brooklyn as a public defender. Cass has extensive experience handling criminal cases ranging from drug offenses all the way up to murders. Cass is an expert in investigation, litigation, and trial, and more broadly has a deep and thorough understanding of the basic facts that underlie all criminal cases. Most importantly, Cass is proud to have stood alongside thousands of clients as they fought against the disparities and inequities of our criminal justice system. Cass joined Shulman & Hill in 2021 as an associate attorney with the Civil Rights Division and is committed to providing our community with the thorough and effective legal advocacy that they deserve.


Harvard Law School


New York


Civil Rights

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