How Can I Pay My Medical Bills Before I Receive My Insurance Settlement?

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You can pay your medical bills before you receive your insurance settlement by:

  • Finding out if your healthcare provider will delay charging for treatment until the insurer agrees to cover it
  • Filing for workers’ compensation benefits, if the injury occurred at work
  • Finding out if your healthcare provider offers financial assistance or other forms of help to those in need

After an accident, you can file a claim with your insurer to seek a settlement that covers some of your accident-related expenses. This process is not always straightforward, though. Sometimes insurance companies delay paying you, making it difficult to cover your medical treatment costs in the meantime. A personal injury attorney from our firm can explain your options for paying your medical bills while you wait for your settlement.

Deferring Medical Bills Until Your Insurance Settlement Arrives

Your doctor wants to get paid for the services they provide. However, it does not benefit them to pressure you into bankruptcy or demand money you do not have. For this reason, they may agree to a medical lien.

By applying a medical lien, your healthcare provider:

  • Will not demand immediate payment for your accident-related treatment
  • Will take their payment out of the settlement you end up getting from the insurer
  • Will therefore bill the insurance company directly for payment—you would not have to pay your medical bills out of pocket

When you receive treatment after an injury, be honest with your healthcare provider. Explain that you were injured in an accident and you have either filed an insurance claim or plan to do so as soon as you leave the doctor’s office. The doctor may be able to direct you to the parties within their organization who are responsible for setting up liens.

Although a lien can work to your advantage, remember that you may not want to make any financial agreements with anyone until you consult an attorney. They can make sure the terms of the agreement are beneficial to you and do not involve any “surprises.”

Workers’ Compensation Benefits and Medical Bills

Worker's Compensation Claim Form

Say you were involved in a traffic accident while on the job and sustained a back injury. You could qualify to apply for workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers’ comp benefits cover, among other things, all of an injured employee’s medical bills. According to the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB), you could receive treatment at no charge.

Getting Financial Assistance With Your Medical Bills

Per the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), “nonprofit hospitals are required by law” to help patients pay their bills. Check to see if the facility where you were treated is a nonprofit. If it is, they will have a financial assistance program you can join.

For-profit facilities may also be willing to work out an agreement, even if they do not defer billing until you get your insurance money. Again, you might want to consult an attorney before you sign anything.

Our Attorneys Can Help You Pursue an Insurance Settlement

When you suffer an accident-related injury, you may be able to seek compensation from your own insurance company and/or from the at-fault party’s insurer. Who pays your medical bills depends on the circumstances surrounding your injuries.

Dealing With Insurance Companies

Your insurance policy may cover some of your medical bills. The insurance company is supposed to pay you within a certain time frame, but this is unfortunately not always what happens.

You could also obtain compensation from the at-fault party’s insurer. Before they agree to a settlement, however, they may want to:

  • Investigate how your accident happened and what injuries resulted from it
  • Talk to you about what happened
  • Collect evidence that shows who was at fault and the value of your injuries

This process can take a while, but you need medical treatment now. Our personal injury lawyer can help you to seek the money and the medical treatment you need by:

  • Explaining how you can pay your medical bills before you receive your insurance settlement money
  • Telling you if and when to accept an insurer’s settlement offer
  • Meeting with the insurer’s representatives and negotiating with them for a fair settlement
  • Collecting evidence to prove you need all of the treatment you have received and that the insurer’s client caused your injuries in the first place

Let Our Team Help You Seek an Insurance Settlement to Pay Your Medical Bills

Not all insurers give accident survivors what they need on the first try. Shulman & Hill could help you figure out how you can pay your medical bills before you receive your insurance money. To get a free case review at any time, reach out to our office at 866.880.0645.

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