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We have helped thousands of New Yorkers get millions of dollars in compensation

We have helped thousands of New Yorkers get millions of dollars in compensation

We have helped thousands of New Yorkers get millions of dollars in compensation

Electric Scooter Rentals Arrive in the Bronx: What to Know if You Are Ever Injured


On August 17, New York City’s e-scooter rental pilot started in the Bronx. Lime, Bird, and VeoRide were each selected to install 1,000 electric scooter rentals throughout the borough. Almost immediately after being installed e-scooters were spotted on the streets of the Bronx. While electric scooters offer another eco-friendly transportation alternative to driving in New […]

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Returning To The Workplace Safely After COVID

07/29/2021 by Hana Loncarevic

Workplace safety is even more important as employees return to in-person work after the worst of the COVID pandemic. But with conflicting guidance and new variants, many workers are confused and uneasy about staying healthy and safe in the workplace. We have broken down what we know so far about how New Yorkers can keep […]

Unsafe Construction Worksite Conditions: What to Know and How to Avoid Injuries on the Job

04/08/2021 by Hana Loncarevic

For much of American history, workplaces have been dangerous and unregulated environments rich in potential for dangerous accidents. However, by the late 1960s, workplace safety became an issue too big to ignore. In fact, 14,000 workers were dying every year in workplace accidents. Thousands more suffered from occupational illness and disabling injuries.  A public outcry […]

Which recovery options are available for brain injuries?


When a person behaves negligently, serious injuries often follow suit. Brain injuries are just one possible consequence of careless behavior. As with other serious injuries, there may be an extended recovery period. The Mayo Clinic explains some of the recovery options available when a person experiences a severe brain injury. Some brain injuries require immediate medical care. […]

Despite the known risks, distracted driving is not going away


In 2016, traffic accidents involving a distracted driver resulted in the deaths of 3,450 people, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.  That number represents 9 percent of all 37,41 traffic fatalities that year. Even though thousands of people are dying each year due to distracted driving, nearly 80 percent of drivers admit to talking […]

Women more likely to be injured at work


The National Safety Council (NSC) has recently parsed the data regarding those injured in the workplace in 2017. Its analysis was published on its Injury Facts web site. The bottom line is that it is an enlightening read, but it was not good news for women who work. Assaults on women are much higher Perhaps the most […]

Long Island construction worker loses legs below the knees


A 39-year-old man was working on installing a gas main in Roslyn Heights recently when a falling steel plate knocked him into a 10-foot hole and landed on him, severing his legs below the knee. According to Nassau County police, officers climbed into the hole after the stricken man and applied tourniquets to control the […]

OSHA: Employers and workers need to be aware of carbon monoxide


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has just issued a reminder to employers that they need to protect their workers from the potentially deadly effects of exposure to carbon monoxide. Winter is a prime season for carbon monoxide poisoning, as buildings are closed up tight against the cold. There have recently been incidents in […]

How to stay safe on the subway


As the busiest transit system in North America, the New York City subway system is an economical way to get around the city. Overall, riding the subway is safe and convenient. There are some commonsense precautions; however, that can increase your security on your commute. Avoid poorly lit areas There are two reasons to avoid […]

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