Safety tips for driving in the fall

As summer fades in New York and winter is just around the corner, the temperatures drop, and the leaves start to fall. For most drivers, each season brings a whole new set of risks and an adjustment period while they learn to avoid them. When drivers pay attention to the driving risks associated with fall, […]

Overexertion is the top cause of nursing injuries

Nurses in New York face a number of work hazards that occur at higher rates than workers in other industries typically experience. The number one on-the-job threat to nurses’ well-being, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, is overexertion. In the BLS study, 45.6% of the nonfatal nursing injury cases in […]

Are electric scooters safe?

Walking is pretty much a given in New York. You may walk a couple of blocks or more to get to where you need to go without giving it much thought. It is free and easy. Plus, you do not have to wait for the subway, a taxi or some other type of transportation. However, […]

Know the signs of impaired driving

Driving can be dangerous, even if everybody on the road is completely sober. However, we at Schuman and Hill know that is not always the case. Impaired driving is extraordinarily dangerous and contributes to many vehicular accidents in New York and around the rest of the country. According to MedlinePlus, over half of all car […]