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In most cases, when you are injured at work on Long Island, you can pursue compensation for your medical bills and similar financial losses by filing a claim to collect workers’ compensation benefits. There may also be options for holding a careless or reckless third party responsible if they caused your injuries.

A Long Island workers’ comp lawyer from our team can help if you run into any issues with your claim for benefits. Our team at Shulman & Hill is prepared to help you pursue compensation based on both your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance and any third-party personal injury cases. Call (866) 528-3139 today for a free legal consultation to learn more about the benefits of working with our personal injury lawyer.

Workers’ Compensation on Long Island: What You Need to Know

Every year, millions of Americans are injured at work, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistic (BLS). While you will hopefully never be injured in a work-related accident on Long Island, if you ever are, it is important to understand your legal rights.

New York requires the vast majority of employers to purchase workers’ compensation insurance. As the name implies, this form of insurance serves to compensate employees who are injured on the job. Workers’ compensation may also compensate employees who develop significant medical conditions due to work-related circumstances, such as cancer or repetitive stress injuries.

Injured and ill employees can seek workers’ compensation by filing a claim to collect from their employer’s insurance.

"In terms of workplace accidents, we handle everything from home health aides to construction workers, trip and fall accidents to motor vehicle accidents. We service numerous individuals in New York, many of whom are blue-collar workers. They could be earning $100 a week or $1,000 a week - the jobs vary completely. It makes no difference to us - we represent workers across the spectrum."

Why Choose Shulman & Hill?

When navigating the often-complex workers’ compensation process, having a qualified lawyer by your side can make a significant difference in your ability to secure benefits.

At Shulman & Hill, we do not make vague promises about our ability to assist clients. We have a multilingual team with over a decade of experience with worker’s compensation cases.

Our track record of consistent success demonstrates why we are the right Long Island workers’ compensation lawyers to handle your case. We know how workers’ compensation works under New York law and what needs to happen when an injured employee runs into a roadblock with their claim.

Our firm has over a decade of experience and won many awards. Shulman & Hill has received the Attorney and Practice Magazine’s Top 10 Plaintiff’s Personal Injury Award as well as being recognized by the American Academy of Attorneys.

When you partner with us, our team also handles third-party workplace injury cases. This may be a huge benefit to hiring our team. Many injured workers must hire both a workers’ comp firm and a personal injury firm. Then, they may spend too much time and effort ensuring these firms share information and evidence, serving as a go-between and checking in with each firm regularly. With Shulman & Hill, you have one firm handling your workers’ comp case in totality.

"With very few exceptions, all employees are eligible for workers' compensation in New York state. If your workers' compensation claim is denied, you have to call Shulman and Hill. We'll take care of everything and get you back on your feet."

The Role of a Workers’ Compensation Law Firm in Your Long Island Case

Hiring a Long Island workers’ compensation attorney from our team when you run into an issue with your claim can be helpful for several reasons. Our team has an FAQ resource that answers some common worker’s compensation questions. We can assist you in the following key ways:

Infographic detailing the Role of a Workers' Compensation Law Firm with the following text:Title: The Role of a Workers' Compensation Law Firm Does Body: Investigating In order to build a strong claim, you will need to gather evidence that shows how you were injured and the extent of your losses. Handling the Claims Process Navigating issues with workers’ compensation benefits can potentially be a tedious process that involves coordinating with doctors and corresponding with insurance adjusters. This is not a process you need to burden yourself with at a time when you should be focusing on your physical recovery. Challenging Denials If an insurer rejects your valid claim, having effective legal representation can help you challenge the denial. Shulman & Hill’s workers’ compensation lawyers understand the ins and outs of New York workers’ comp laws and can fight on your behalf to ensure you receive the benefits you may be entitled to.

Are There Other Options for Seeking Compensation in a Long Island Workplace Injury Case?

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Notable Results

Shulman & Hill obtained a $2,500,000 settlement for a non-union laborer


Shulman & Hill obtained a $2,000,000 settlement for an immigrant laborer


Shulman & Hill obtained a $1,175,000 settlement for a 29-year-old construction worker


Shulman & Hill obtained a $1,500,000 settlement for an undocumented day laborer


Shulman & Hill obtained a $1,500,000 settlement for a bus driver

Workers’ compensation is not the only way some injured employees can recover financially following a workplace injury. While New York does not typically allow workers to sue their employers, responsible third parties may face personal injury lawsuits after this type of injury.

If a contractor, company, or property owner caused your acute on-the-job injury, you may have a civil case against them. A personal injury claim or lawsuit could allow you to recover damages in addition to your workers’ compensation benefits. This could include money for:

  • Any additional medical care or related expenses
  • Remaining lost income
  • Reduced ability to work and earn
  • Pain and suffering

This is not possible in every workplace injury case, but it is not uncommon for a third party to cause or contribute to work-related injuries on construction sites, in traffic accidents, and in more traditional work environments.

Our work injury attorneys handle these cases and can review your rights with you for free. We want to ensure you seek compensation for your injuries through all measures possible and hold those whose carelessness or recklessness hurt you accountable.

“Having a reputable law firm, especially Shulman and Hill, as representation for my workman’s compensation case was the best and right law firm to choose. Nelly, Angela, and the staff at Shulman and Hill are very professional and dedicated. They expressed very sincere concern. They each walked me through the process, explaining in detail. The ongoing efforts they brought to the table were far beyond their call of duty. They fought tooth and nail to get the results they and I sought. The countless hours, the days and nights they endured, and the nonstop dedication to get the case done were purely magical and outstanding. There are no words to describe Nelly, Angela, or the staff at Shulman and Hill. I’m so happy that I chose the law firm. I’m very grateful for them in the time I needed, and they came through with flying colors—the grand slam home run they hit out of the ballpark. Nelly And Angela, I cannot thank you enough. I am lost for words. I cannot express my gratitude towards them. The compassion that got the job done to my and their satisfaction. I will recommend Shulman and Hill.”

Steven Goldenberg

Long Island Workers’ Compensation: Potential Conflicts

Filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits does not automatically guarantee that you will receive benefits, including medical care coverage and income loss payments. Insurance companies are still profit-driven businesses. Insurers may try to protect themselves financially by denying valid claims or questioning claims without enough evidence to back them.

The following are among the more common justifications an insurer may use when rejecting a claim for workers’ compensation benefits:

  • The accident that caused an employee’s injuries was not work-related
  • An employee was harmed because they were intentionally attempting to injure themselves, perhaps in hopes of a payout
  • The injuries are not as severe as the worker claims
Those are just a few examples. They highlight the importance of enlisting the help of a Long Island workers’ compensation law firm when seeking compensation after a work-related accident.

Applying for Workers’ Compensation for Long-Term Medical Conditions

Workers’ compensation does not merely apply to injuries that occur after a single incident. It can also compensate employees who develop illnesses or chronic injuries over an extended time frame. This may be true even if an illness takes a relatively long time to develop. Examples of illnesses and medical conditions that may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits include:

  • Certain types of cancer
  • Lung disease
  • Hearing loss
  • Repetitive stress injuries

It can be difficult to know whether a medical condition you are diagnosed with is one that provides you with grounds to seek workers’ compensation benefits. Consult with one of Shulman & Hill’s Long Island workers’ compensation attorneys if you are not sure whether you should file a claim.

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What to Do If You Are Involved in a Work-Related Accident

A Long Island workers’ compensation lawyer can play a critical role in helping you secure the compensation you may deserve. However, it is also important to be familiar with the steps you can take in the immediate aftermath of a work-related accident to protect your chances of recovering compensation.

If you are ever involved in a work-related accident, it is recommended that you take the following key steps rights away:

  • Seek medical attention, regardless of whether you believe yourself to be seriously injured
  • Alert your supervisor or a similar party as soon as possible. If you speak with them verbally, follow up with a written account
  • Get the contact information and names of any witnesses
  • Speak with an attorney to discuss your options for compensation

That first step is critical. Sometimes, the symptoms of an injury may not present themselves right away. An injury may not become noticeable days or even weeks after an accident.

You should see a doctor right away to receive any necessary treatment. Seeking immediate medical attention may improve your chances of a full recovery as well as securing compensation.

If you do not receive treatment quickly for an acute injury, an insurer may argue that you have not provided enough evidence to show your injury resulted from an accident at work. They might use this argument as justification to deny your claim.

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