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Civil rights are an essential component of any free society. They help maintain our democracy, support our dignity, and allow us to exist as individuals. Every person in America has certain rights that exist that cannot be denied by police or law enforcement. In New York City especially, understanding your civil rights is doubly
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Thousands of construction worksites throughout New York City were recently hit with stop work orders for having serious safety violations. The orders came on the heel of a three-month review ordered by City Buildings Commissioner Melanie E. La Rocca. In total, the city inspected 7,500 building construction sites across all five boroughs. The results
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As the busiest transit system in North America, the New York City subway system offers an economical way to get around the city. Most of the time, riding the subway is safe and convenient. There are some precautions, however, that may reduce your chances of being injured on a train. However, injuries and accidents
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As the construction industry continues to expand in New York, more individuals are getting jobs as construction workers. These can be excellent jobs, but with the various dangers that can occur on a job site, you take on significant risk even when the employer practices proper safety procedures. This is particularly true for construction
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In the course of your employment in New York, there are many ways that you could suffer an injury. Some injuries are minor, such as a stubbed toe or a paper cut. Others are more severe. There are also some that may seem severe but that turn out not to be too bad. An

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