How to stay safe on the subway

As the busiest transit system in North America, the New York City subway system is an economical way to get around the city. Overall, riding the subway is safe and convenient. There are some commonsense precautions; however, that can increase your security on your commute. Avoid poorly lit areas There are two reasons to avoid […]

Winter weather workplace safety tips

Winter’s cold temperatures, sleet, snow and freeze-thaw cycles make getting around on foot potentially dangerous. When getting to work is a necessity, no matter the weather, it’s good to remember some Winter safety tips. Take your time Your employer has the responsibility to make your workplace a safe place to do your job. Making your […]

Wrongful Construction Deaths On The Increase

Recently, there has been an increase in construction-related deaths in New York City. Construction work can be dangerous, but several deaths in past months that spurred on stop work orders and investigations into safety on the work sites have regulators looking for ways to increase protection from severe injuries and death. Wrongful construction deaths can […]

Car Accident Law 102: Auto Insurance in NY

People usually have one thing in mind when shopping for a motor vehicle insurance policy: price. Insuring a motor vehicle, especially in New York City, can be very expensive. Price, not policy limits, usually becomes the primary concern. However, it is crucial that you understand your insurance policy, because a few dollars can determine whether […]

Virtual Hearings

The New York Workers’ Compensation Board has implemented virtual hearings, which allow injured workers and attorneys to attend hearings online for claims in New York City and the surrounding boroughs. If you have a computer or a smartphone and access to internet, you no longer have to attend your hearings in person. Virtual hearings greatly […]

Hit and Run Accidents in NYC

Hit and run accidents are unfortunately very common in New York City and the surrounding boroughs. More than 38,000 hit and run accidents were reported in 2015. Generally, the insurance company of the car that strikes a pedestrian in New York will assume payments of all medical bills and a percentage of lost wages. That […]