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How you use social media during your personal injury case could affect its outcome. Insurance companies often monitor these accounts and use posts to downplay your injuries’ severity or deny the claim. Our attorneys may offer advice and guidance to clients about social media and their personal injury cases. At Shulman & Hill, we
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Many claimants want to put their personal injury cases behind them as soon as possible. Unfortunately, some move to settle with an insurance company quickly but end up with a settlement that doesn’t cover their needs. Once you settle, several steps must occur before you receive your payout and can begin paying your medical
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If settlement talks with an insurance company fail to recover fair compensation in your New York personal injury case, you may need to consider other options for recovering the money you need to pay your bills. Our attorney may be able to develop a strong case to support a fair payout or take the
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When there are significant errors on a police accident report, crash victims must take action to correct them. Instead of trying to correct wrong information on a NY police report on your own, you can hire an attorney. Our team can help fix mistakes or handle disputes related to incorrect police reports. We can
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Understanding what your police report tells you after a New York accident matters. These accident reports play a central role in many insurance claims and lawsuits, so you must ensure the information is accurate. However, these reports are difficult to read with so many codes and abbreviations. Our team takes care of this for
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Generally, you can request a police report in New York by submitting a request form to the New York City Police Department (NYPD) online or by mail. In traffic accident cases, you also have the option of dropping off your request form in person at an NYPD precinct. You must do this within 30
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Your relevant medical records are important for documenting your accident injuries and future care needs. Requesting your medical records in New York could be as easy as asking your doctor. However, this is not always a smooth process. When we represent a client hurt in a personal injury accident, our attorney handles this request
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It may be nerve-racking to meet with an attorney for the first time. You have a lot riding on the success of this encounter, and you may feel intimidated by the attorney’s position as a legal authority. Still, remember that an injury lawyer’s job is to help you through a challenging legal matter. During

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