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Because of dense traffic on Brooklyn streets, there is a high risk of car accidents that can cause serious injuries and damages. If you were harmed in a Brooklyn car accident, you need strong legal representation to fight for the compensation you deserve. At Shulman & Hill, our skilled Brooklyn car accident attorneys can help you pursue full and fair compensation. Schedule your free consultation today to learn more.

Brooklyn sees over 10,000 car crashes per year, the highest number of car crashes out of all five boroughs in New York. More often than not, these accidents happen due to driver negligence. As a victim, you want an experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate Brooklyn car accident lawyer who understands the complexities of these cases and what steps to take for a successful outcome.

Shulman & Hill is a client-focused firm dedicated to helping car accident victims and their families demand compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, and more. Our skilled legal advocates can guide you through the claims process and fight for justice on your behalf while you focus on your recovery.

If you were injured in a car crash in Brooklyn, schedule a free consultation with our team to learn how we can help you with your claim. You pay nothing unless we win your case.

Why Choose Brooklyn Our Car Accident Lawyers at Shulman & Hill?

With a skilled team of passionate legal professionals throughout New York, Shulman & Hill provides a personalized experience to each of our clients to meet their needs and expectations. As New Yorkers, we represent New Yorkers, ensuring that greedy insurance companies don’t take advantage of the hard-working members of our community.

Our exceptional service is reflected in the successful settlements and verdicts we’ve obtained for our clients. We’ve recovered more than $500 million in compensation on their behalf, including:

  • $1,350,000 for a car accident victim who suffered spinal cord injuries and a broken clavicle.
  • $1,100,000 for an Uber driver who was rear-ended.
  • $1,000,000 for a client who suffered neck injuries after a car crash.
  • $1,000,000 for a client who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a T-bone car accident.

As a result of our hard work and commitment to justice, our attorneys have received a number of prestigious awards and honors. For example:

  • Alex Shulman, a founding partner, has been recognized as a New York Super Lawyer since 2017. Only 5 percent of attorneys in each state receive this honor. He was also recognized by The National Trial Lawyers Association as a Top 40 Under 40 Trial Lawyer.
  • Shulman & Hill received the Attorney and Practice Magazine’s Top 10 Plaintiff’s Personal Injury Award.
  • We have also been recognized by Super Lawyers as Rising Stars.

With over a decade practicing personal injury law throughout the five boroughs of New York, we have the skills and experience needed to handle your case from start to finish.

How Common Are Car Accidents in Brooklyn?

Again, being the most populated borough in our city, Brooklyn also sees the most car accidents. Of the 32,788 car accidents that happened in NYC in 2023, about 33 percent took place in Brooklyn.

In October 2023 alone, the NYPD reported 8,518 accidents citywide, with 2,813 occurring in Brooklyn. These Brooklyn collisions involved:

  • 5,413 motorists
  • 495 passengers
  • 295 pedestrians
  • 208 cyclists
  • 1,628 injuries
  • 8 fatalities
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Notable Results

Shulman & Hill obtained a $1,600,000 settlement for a 53-year-old union bus driver


Shulman & Hill obtained a $1,500,000 settlement for a bus driver


Shulman & Hill obtained a $1,100,000 settlement for a 51-year-old Uber driver


Shulman & Hill recently obtained a $1,000,000 insurance policy tender for a client

Shulman & Hill obtained a $1,000,000 settlement for a young man

Passenger vehicles account for most crashes in Brooklyn, followe d by sports utility vehicles, large commercial vehicles, bicycles, buses, pick-up trucks, and motorcycles.

If you were injured in a traffic incident in Brooklyn, do not wait to seek legal representation. We have lawyers specializing in car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents. A member of our skilled legal team can help you claim compensation for your losses.

What Are the Main Causes of Brooklyn Car Accidents?

Each accident is unique and should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by an experienced personal injury attorney. That said, causation patterns do emerge. In Brooklyn, the main contributing factors in collisions resulting in injury or death are:
a person holding a steering wheel
  • Driver distraction
  • Failure to yield the right-of-way
  • Unsafe lane changes
  • Following too closely
  • Passing too closely
  • Backing up without checking mirrors
  • Speeding
  • Improper turns
  • Driver inexperience
  • Drunk driving

By far, the most significant cause of accidents in Brooklyn is driver inattention and distraction. According to the CDC, common types of driver distractions include texting, phone calls, GPS use, and eating behind the wheel.

Dangerous Intersections in Brooklyn

While a car accident can occur anywhere, some roadways and intersections in Brooklyn are more prone to accidents than others, including:

  • Atlantic Avenue and Flatbush Avenue
  • Tillary Street and Flatbush Avenue
  • Atlantic Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue
  • Erskine Street and Seaview Avenue
  • Atlantic Avenue and Conduit Boulevard
  • Flatbush Avenue and Empire Boulevard

How Long Do I Have To File a Car Accident Claim in Brooklyn?

Under New York’s statute of limitations, most personal injury claims must be filed within three years after the incident. If you fail to bring your claim within that time frame, you will most likely lose the chance to claim compensation.

Though there are some exceptions to this rule, it is best to consult with an attorney in case they do not apply to your case. Our Brooklyn car accident lawyers are here to ensure you do not miss the all-important filing deadline.

Common Injuries in Brooklyn Auto Accidents

Car accident injuries in Brooklyn can range from minor to catastrophic. Many are fatal. Common injuries we see in our personal injury practice include:

  • Broken and fractured bones
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries, including full or partial paralysis
  • Burns, including road rash
  • Sprains, strains, tears, and bruises
  • Cuts and puncture wounds
  • Internal bleeding and organ damage
  • Psychological distress

Auto accident victims may be entitled to compensation to cover medical care and treatment for these injuries. Contact us today so we can help you claim compensation for your medical expenses and more.

Damages Available in Brooklyn Car Accidents

If someone else’s negligence caused your accident, you are entitled to compensation for both economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages include:

  • Cost of medical treatment and rehabilitation
  • Lost wages
  • Lowered future earning capacity
  • Property damage

Non-economic damages cover more subjective losses, such as:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Disfigurement and amputation
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

Working with a skilled car accident attorney is vital to ensure you receive full and fair compensation. Our attorneys are ready to make sure you leave no money on the table.

How Shulman & Hill Can Help With Your Case

At Shulman & Hill, we offer comprehensive legal counsel and representation to guide you through the legal aftermath of your car accident. Among other things, our legal team will provide:

  • Legal support and advocacy for you and your family
  • A full investigation to determine what caused your car accident
  • Aggressive settlement negotiation with car insurance companies
  • Top-quality representation in court if negotiations do not yield a fair settlement

When insurance adjusters try to force a low payout, our team is ready to push back. Don’t accept less than you deserve.

What To Do After a Brooklyn Car Accident

The steps you take after a car accident can make an enormous difference in your physical and financial recovery. Where possible, take the following steps:

  1. Move to a safe location away from traffic.
  2. Call 911 for emergency assistance.
  3. Exchange insurance and contact information with other involved parties.
  4. Gather evidence at the scene, including witness information and pictures of injuries, property damage, and road conditions.
  5. Contact a Brooklyn car accident attorney as soon as possible.

Count On Shulman & Hill To Fight For You

Shulman & Hill is ready to help you and your family after an auto accident in Brooklyn. We will stand by your side every step of the way and defend your right to full and fair compensation. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.


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