Know the facts about whiplash

When people get into a car accident in New York, they may sometimes think they did not sustain an injury. However, sometimes people may incur an injury called whiplash. It is important for people to recognize the signs of this wound so they can seek medical attention. According to the Mayo Clinic, people might get […]

Diagnosing occupational disease

Work-related injuries are not always obvious, and they do not always occur immediately or because of a single event. Some work-related harms develop over long periods of time and slowly present themselves via chronic, remitting or relapsing symptoms. An occupational disease is one such harm, a harm that affects many New York workers. According to […]

Which recovery options are available for brain injuries?

When a person behaves negligently, serious injuries often follow suit. Brain injuries are just one possible consequence of careless behavior, and with serious injuries, there may be an extended recovery period. The Mayo Clinic explains some of the recovery options available when a person experiences a severe brain injury. Some brain injuries require immediate medical […]