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When you are going out to eat at a cafe or buying groceries at the store, you do not expect to be injured. Accidents that could have been avoided are quite common and are resolvable by taking reasonable steps to ensure customer safety.

Property owners may neglect these duties. If you were injured as a result of a property owner or manager’s negligence, consult with a Staten Island premises liability lawyer at Shulman & Hill. Our lawyers can review the details of your case to help determine liability, represent you, and work hard to optimize your chances of collecting the compensation that you may be entitled to.

Staten Island Premises Liability Cases: What You Need to Know

Premises liability laws require property owners to take steps to guard against hazardous conditions that could cause injury to guests. They need to perform maintenance, monitor their properties for hazards, and take swift action to address any dangerous situations they become aware of.

If a hazard cannot be eliminated because it is an inherent feature of the property, the premises owner or manager must inform all guests and employees of the issue and the risks it possesses. An example of this is the presence of unavoidable harsh chemicals at a factory.

Premises liability laws also apply to extensions of a property owner or manager. A store owner is expected to train their employees to also take steps to prevent accidents, such as placing warning signs near a recently-mopped floor. Without proper training, more accidents can occur.

If you were injured in an accident on another person or entity’s property, you may sustain injuries that will require costly medical care. Whether it is immediate medical assistance or long-term treatment, the bills may be high. Depending on their severity and nature, your injuries might also prevent you from returning to work temporarily or permanently, making you unable to receive a paycheck. This can further burden your financial situation.

Depending on the specific circumstances, it is possible to be compensated for such losses. The experts at our law firm near Staten Island can explain in greater detail whether your case meets the criteria necessary to justify seeking compensation.

Important Details of Staten Island Premises Liability Cases

Premises liability laws allow victims to seek compensation if they demonstrate that they were injured because an owner, manager, or an extension of such, failed to take reasonable steps to prevent an accident.

You may have been injured because an item at the supermarket fell from its spot on the shelf, causing a slip and fall accident. In a case like this, you may potentially be able to recover compensation if you can provide evidence showing that by the time you tripped over the item on the floor, an employee should have placed it back on the shelf. Supermarket owners are responsible for training employees to identify and remedy safety hazards appropriately.

Staten Island Premises Liability Cases: Additional Examples

There are various factors that can influence whether you should seek compensation after an accident on a property. The following examples may help you better understand premises liability laws, and when you may qualify to file a lawsuit:

  • You were injured after slipping over ice in a parking lot or in front of a business because deicing agents had not been applied.
  • You slipped or fell due to a broken step, uneven flooring, a spill, or a tripping hazard that had not been addressed in a reasonable time frame.
  • You were injured on an elevator or escalator that malfunctioned because necessary repairs or maintenance had not been performed.
  • You were the victim of an act of violence at a location where security was negligent, inadequate, or nonexistent.
  • You were injured in a train accident due to operator error or vehicle or track defects.
  • A business owner did not install lighting sufficient enough to illuminate the outdoor areas of their property at night. Because the lighting was insufficient, you could not see an obstruction in your path and tripped over it.
  • You were bitten by an unleashed dog who had a history of violence but the owner failed to take reasonable actions to prevent an attack.
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Notable Results

Shulman & Hill obtained a $2,500,000 settlement for a non-union laborer


Shulman & Hill obtained a $2,000,000 settlement for an immigrant laborer


Shulman & Hill obtained a $1,600,000 settlement for a 53-year-old union bus driver


Shulman & Hill obtained a $1,500,000 settlement for an undocumented day laborer


Shulman & Hill obtained a $1,500,000 settlement for a bus driver

How Our Staten Island Premises Liability Law Firm Can Help

The benefits of enlisting the help of a qualified Staten Island premises liability attorney are numerous. A skilled and knowledgeable lawyer will have the resources necessary to conduct a thorough investigation of your accident.

Without evidence, it may be challenging to prove that your accident was the result of someone else’s negligence. We can conduct an investigation of your specific circumstances to yield valuable evidence supporting your claim for compensation.

An investigation may also be needed to identify who may be responsible for compensating you. Sometimes it may be unclear who the liable party may be. For example, if you were injured on an elevator that malfunctioned not because the building owner failed to maintain or repair it, but because of an inherent defect, the designers or manufacturers who overlooked the defect may be liable. Our attorneys will use their investigative resources to help determine the party at fault.

Our Staten Island premises liability lawyers can also review all your financial losses to ensure you receive a fair settlement offer. We will also negotiate with insurers, negligent parties, other attorneys, and all other relevant parties on your behalf, rejecting any initial low offers in pursuit of a payout that reflects the true value of your claim. If a fair settlement is not possible, we are prepared to represent you in a trial.

Why Choose Shulman & Hill?

Our team of Staten Island lawyers has a proven track record of success. We have secured millions of dollars in compensation for our injured clients over the years, and we are prepared to fight just as hard for you.

Learn more about what we can do for you by calling us today at (866) 932-5558, or schedule a free consultation online. We work on a contingency fee basis which means you will only pay for our services if we recover compensation on your behalf.


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