Which recovery options are available for brain injuries?

When a person behaves negligently, serious injuries often follow suit. Brain injuries are just one possible consequence of careless behavior. As with other serious injuries, there may be an extended recovery period. The Mayo Clinic explains some of the recovery options available when a person experiences a severe brain injury.

Some brain injuries require immediate medical care. If there is brain swelling, medical staff will perform a surgery to relieve pressure, which can greatly reduce complications. You may also be provided certain medications to prevent seizures from occurring, which is a risk immediately following an injury. Even in mild cases, you will be monitored and ordered to rest to facilitate a smooth recovery process.

Lasting effects may also occur. If so, rehabilitation will be recommended to help you recover essential skills and abilities. Physical therapy helps improve basic maneuvers like walking and maintaining balance, while occupational therapy helps you relearn daily tasks and chores. If you suffer from a cognitive impairment, you will be taught coping mechanisms by a neuropsychologist, who will also assess your level of cognitive dysfunction. When it comes time for you to return to work, you may need to work with a vocational counselor.

There are also steps you can take on your own. If you are having trouble coping with limitations imposed by your injury, consider joining a support group. Your doctor or rehab specialist should be able to provide information on finding a group that meets your needs. If you have problems remembering things, like names and phone numbers, do not be shy about jotting down notes as needed. Make the same alterations to daily chores and tasks to make the process as easy as possible. While it can be difficult to adjust, it is possible to live a full and rewarding life after a serious brain injury.

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