You should file an incident report with your employer as soon as possible, and report all of the injured body parts. If you had previously given your employer notice of the accident, please indicate the name of the person you informed and the date of the conversation. Ask your employer to file a claim with its insurance company, and get the insurance information in order to expedite your claim.

Some common workplace injuries are slip and falls, lifting injuries, construction accidents, work-related motor vehicle accidents, and repetitive stress injuries. If you went to the hospital following your work-related injury, you should request your full hospital records. The discharge paperwork given to you by the hospital is not sufficient.

After you have filed a Workers’ Compensation claim, the insurance company will either accept or deny your claim. If the insurance company denies your claim, the case will be set for trial before a Workers’ Compensation Law Judge. During the period of time when the parties are litigating whether your claim is a compensable one, you should continue to treat with your doctors. If a decision is made in your favor, you can be compensated for your lost time and the insurance company will pay for your medical treatment.