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Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere. Thousands of people in New York City are injured every year from slip and fall accidents. These accidents are often likely to occur when property owners fail to address safety hazards on their premises. Poorly maintained sidewalks, slippery floors, and broken steps are all common safety hazards.

Have you been injured in a slip and fall accident in the Brooklyn area due to someone else’s negligence? If so, you may be entitled to compensation. Review your case with a Brooklyn slip and fall attorney at Shulman & Hill to learn more.

Potential Consequences of a Brooklyn Slip & Fall Accident

Fall accidents frequently leave victims with severe injuries. CDC research indicates that nearly one million Americans are hospitalized each year for injuries sustained in falls. Common injuries include broken bones and head trauma.

You will likely require medical treatment if you are involved in a Brooklyn slip and fall accident. Along with medical bills, your injuries may also result in lost wages if they are severe enough to prevent you from working, temporarily or permanently.

Additionally, your injuries may take a physical, mental, and emotional toll on you, which may take a long time to recover from. Your past pain and suffering and anticipated pain and suffering are also compensable.

If your slip and fall accident could have been avoided if a property owner has taken reasonable steps to keep you safe, you may be entitled to compensation. Your chances of collecting it can be much greater if you work with an experienced personal injury law firm in Brooklyn like Shulman & Hill.

Causes of Brooklyn Slip & Fall Accidents

Brooklyn slip and fall accidents may happen for a wide range of reasons. Property owners, managers, or other relevant parties (such as employees) can carelessly overlook hazards. Examples of Brooklyn slip and fall accidents resulting from such negligence include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • You may be walking in a business’ parking lot one night and trip over an obstruction that you were unable to see due to the business or property owner’s failure to install sufficient outdoor lighting.
  • You may slip on a recently-mopped floor because the employee who cleaned it failed to put out a warning sign specifying it was wet.
  • You may trip over a fallen item at the supermarket. You may be entitled to compensation if you can establish that an employee or manager should have discovered the item and removed it by the time your accident occurred.
  • You may slip on ice outside of a business because deicing agents were not applied in a timely manner.
  • You may slip over broken or loose flooring that should have been repaired or replaced.

Meet with a personal injury lawyer in Brooklyn if you have been injured in circumstances similar to these examples. They can review your case to determine if you may be eligible to file a claim.

Seeking Compensation After a Brooklyn Slip & Fall Accident

Brooklyn residents can seek compensation for losses resulting from slip and fall accidents based on New York’s premises liability laws. These laws require property owners and other such parties to take reasonable steps to prevent hazards from causing harm to persons on their property.

You can file a claim against a negligent party’s insurance if your accident occurred because they failed to take such steps. To show your claim has merit, you must prove that:
  • You were on the property at the time the accident occurred
  • The owner overlooked or created a hazard due to negligence and put you and others in danger

Gathering proof that you have a right to compensation after a slip and fall accident may be difficult if you do not have relevant legal experience. To optimize your chances of recovering the compensation to which you may be entitled, enlist the help of our slip and fall law firm in Brooklyn. Our slip and fall attorneys will guide you through each step of the process and be your best source of legal advice.

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Notable Results

Shulman & Hill obtained a $2,500,000 settlement for a non-union laborer


Shulman & Hill obtained a $2,000,000 settlement for an immigrant laborer


Shulman & Hill obtained a $1,600,000 settlement for a 53-year-old union bus driver


Shulman & Hill obtained a $1,500,000 settlement for an undocumented day laborer


Shulman & Hill obtained a $1,500,000 settlement for a bus driver

How Our Brooklyn Slip & Fall Lawyers Can Help You

We can help you effectively pursue compensation after a Brooklyn slip and fall accident in many ways, including:

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Investigating the Accident

Our Brooklyn slip and fall attorneys will leverage our vast resources to conduct a thorough investigation of your accident. Such an investigation often serves multiple purposes.

Investigating the accident is key to proving that it was a result of someone else’s negligence. If an insurer tries to argue that the accident could have been your fault, the evidence gathered will be critical in challenging their claims.

Pursuing Fair Compensation

Insurance companies do not prefer that claimants seek legal representation when pursuing compensation. Since they might try to pay out as little as possible, you should hire an attorney to represent and negotiate on your behalf.

A qualified personal injury lawyer in Brooklyn will know how to properly assess the compensation you may be entitled to, and help you collect it. If we are unable to settle for a fair payout, we will fight on your behalf in trial.

Handling the Claims Process

Between filing paperwork, collecting evidence, coordinating with insurers, and much more, the claims process can be long and complex. Burdening yourself with these responsibilities in the aftermath of an accident is difficult. Instead, work with our slip and fall law firm in Brooklyn. We will handle all of the major steps in the claims process while you rest and recover from your injuries.

Why Choose Shulman & Hill?

At Shulman & Hill, our Brooklyn slip and fall lawyers do not merely claim to deliver results. We have a long track record of helping clients just like you secure the compensation to which they were entitled. To date, we have recovered millions of dollars for our injured clients.

To schedule your free consultation, call us today at (866) 880-0645 or fill out an online form.


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