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Trains play a crucial role for those living in or around New York City. If you reside or work in Brooklyn, there is a good chance you rely on the subway, Long Island Railroad (LIRR), New Jersey Transit, Amtrak, or the Metro-North to help you get around on a regular basis.

This means there is also a chance you may one day be injured in a Brooklyn train accident. While this will hopefully never occur, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses if it does. Review your case with a Brooklyn train accident attorney at Shulman & Hill to learn more about your legal options. Schedule your free legal consultation today.

Common Types of Brooklyn Train Accidents

Brooklyn train accidents may come in several forms. They include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Derailments
  • Trains striking individuals
  • Collisions with vehicles
  • Accidents related to improper train crossing design or maintenance
  • Accidents resulting from poor track maintenance
  • Falls from platforms
  • Accidents while onboarding or riding in a train, such as slip and falls

Brooklyn train accidents are not limited to subway accidents: commuter trains, like the LIRR, run through Brooklyn.

The consequences of such accidents can be devastating. Consider the 2017 LIRR train derailment in Brooklyn which injured 103 people.

The Aftermath of a Brooklyn Train Accident

The types of injuries you sustain in a Brooklyn train accident can vary substantially depending on the severity of the accident itself. These injuries may have a negative impact on your mobility, which could prevent you from returning to work, at least temporarily. You may not be able to earn a paycheck during this time, making your financial burden even greater than it already is.

You may be entitled to compensation for such losses if your accident was the result of another party’s negligence. Meet with a personal injury lawyer in Brooklyn to learn more. Our experts will review your case and help you determine how to proceed, providing valuable legal advice along the way.

Seeking Compensation: How a Train Accident Law Firm in Brooklyn Helps

If you have been injured in a Brooklyn train accident, you are likely eligible to file a lawsuit against the negligent party. This can help you recover compensation for the losses you have suffered as a result of the injury, including your medical expenses, lost wages, as well as pain and suffering.

To maximize your chances of reaching a fair settlement or favorable verdict, enlist the help of our personal injury law firm in Brooklyn. At Shulman & Hill, we can help in the following key ways:

Identifying Negligent Parties

It is not always immediately apparent whose negligence may have caused a Brooklyn train accident. Perhaps you were injured when a train derailed. There are several possibilities regarding who may be responsible for compensating the victims. If the derailment was the result of an error on part of the train’s operator, the train company (for instance, the MTA) would be responsible for providing compensation through their insurance.

Determining who may be responsible for compensating you after a Brooklyn train accident will likely require conducting a thorough investigation. At Shulman & Hill, our Brooklyn train accident lawyers have access to the resources and experts needed to conduct such an investigation. We can help gather evidence showing how your accident was caused, who may have been responsible, and how it ultimately caused your injury.

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Notable Results

Shulman & Hill obtained a $2,500,000 settlement for a non-union laborer


Shulman & Hill obtained a $2,000,000 settlement for an immigrant laborer


Shulman & Hill obtained a $1,600,000 settlement for a 53-year-old union bus driver


Shulman & Hill obtained a $1,500,000 settlement for an undocumented day laborer


Shulman & Hill obtained a $1,500,000 settlement for a bus driver

Filing a Lawsuit

The process of filing a lawsuit against the negligent party typically starts with sending a demand letter. You will likely need to describe the circumstances of the accident, offer proof you were injured in the accident, present evidence demonstrating the accident was the result of negligence, as well as documentation indicating that you are entitled to the compensation you are seeking.

It is important to document the accident once it occurs. If you are able to, take videos or pictures of your injuries and the accident scene and obtain contact information from other witnesses. This information may be beneficial to your case.


If this is your first time seeking compensation, you will learn that insurers may attempt to limit the amount of compensation they offer you.

Unfortunately, insurance adjusters may be encouraged to find reasons to offer less compensation than what you may deserve. This is why it is important to hire a personal injury attorney. A Brooklyn train accident lawyer can handle all of the communications and negotiations with the insurance company. They know the tactics insurance companies commonly use to offer low settlement offers or refuse to settle altogether, and they know how to beat them.

Our Brooklyn train accident attorneys know how to effectively negotiate for a fair settlement. If we find it is impossible to reach an appropriate settlement, we are prepared to pursue damages in trial on your behalf.

After being injured in a Brooklyn train accident, you should focus on your recovery. We will handle all aspects of litigation on your behalf, assisting you every step of the way.

Why Choose Shulman & Hill?

Since our journey of representing injured New Yorkers has begun, Shulman & Hill has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation. Unlike some personal injury law firms in Brooklyn, we do not make empty promises. We can prove we have the qualifications to deliver results by referencing our past successes.

Call us today at (866) 932-5558 or schedule your free case evaluation online to learn more. You will only pay if we win your case.


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